Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tom’s Adventure

Hello. I wrote this short story and decided to put it on my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

One cold winter’s day, a six-year-old boy named Tom build a snowman.
That night, the snowman came alive. He had a snow guitar. He began to sing.
Meanwhile, Tom looked through his telescope at the night sky. He saw the brightest star he had ever seen. It was very big and very low in the sky. And even though the snow clouds covered all the other stars, this one was special and stood out.

Tom remembered when his dad was ill last year he told Tom to look in the sky when it snowed and he would see his dad looking down on him from the brightest star.

Tom’s dad also told him that he would send him a special friend to make him feel better in winter so he wouldn’t miss his dad so much and feel so sad because his dad died in winter.

Tom saw his dad looking down on him. Quickly he ran outside and looked up at the sky but the star was gone.

Tom turned around. He gasped. Snowmen can’t talk let along sing!

But the snowman said, “Your dad asked me to sing to you. Do you want to be my friend?”

Tom said, “Yes!” And he played air-guitar and sang with the snowman until his mum called him in for bedtime.

The End

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