Sunday, 26 June 2011

The beautiful girl mouse

Hi everybody,

It's me Meggie again, in my last entry I told you about a story that an Indian story teller to my class when we went to Wicksteed. Now I'm going to tell you the story.

A long time ago there was a mouse family,. A mouse mum, a mouse dad and a mouse daughter. The mouse daughter was of age to be married and the mum and dad were trying to find a husband for her. They wanted a boy mouse who was strong and  would treat their daughter like a princess, tell her he loves her every day and always make her feel cherished. They thought and thought about who would be best for their daughter.

They looked up at the sky then the mum had an idea.

"What about the sun? He is big, strong and maybe he will treat our daughter like a princess," said mum.

"Your right let's go and ask him," said dad.

So they went up to ask the sun if he would marry their daughter.When they got there they said to the sun.

"You are the strongest thing in the whole world. Can you marry our daughter please,"mum and dad asked.

"It is true I'm big and I'm strong but there is someone stronger than me," said the sun.

"Who could be stronger than you?" asked the dad.

"Look over there at the clouds. When they move in front of me they make it dark and block out my strong rays. You should see them," answered the sun.

So they went all the way to the clouds. But the cloud said that the wind was stronger than him. So they went to the wind.

But the wind look down and said, "Do you see that statue down there? He is stronger than all of us. Everyday the sun beat down on that statue and he never moves an inch. The wind blows and blows and still they can't move the statue. The rain pours down on him and he never moves. Nothing can move him. he is the strongest thing in all the world. You should go and ask him to marry your daughter.

So off they went to  ask the statue to marry their daughter. But the statue said, "Do you see my feet? Under  my left foot is a little thing about this big (he shows them a small size) he has a long tail and whiskers. he's been digging away beneath my foot and one day soon he will achieve what the sun, the wind and the clouds couldn't. He will make me move. He is far stronger than I. You should ask him to marry your daughter.

So they climbed down the statue and knocked on the foot. The big toe opened and a boy mouse looked out.  The mum mouse and the dad mouse asked him if he would marry their daughter. Once they saw each other they fell in love and they got marry. When they got marry the boy mouse told the girl mouse that he loved her every day. He treated her like a princess and made her feel cherished.

The moral of the story is you don't have to be big to be strong. We all have our own special strengths. 

                                                     THE END

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Day at Wicksteed Park For One World Day

Hi everybody out there,

Yesterday I went on a class trip to Wicksteed Park. First we went on a train ride, it felt like we were on a real train. On the train ride we saw a peacock, some canoes and some ducks and swans. That was my first time seeing a peacock and going on the Wicksteed train. It was very fun for me!

We also went to see a Indian story teller. He told us a riddle and here it is: "there is a bridge and it can only take the weight of 3 people. One night, a bakery, a butcher and a candle stick maker went across the bridge. The bridge broke.


They fell into the river. Why?

The answer is that there were 4 people crossing the bridge. One knight, a bakery, a butcher and a candle stick maker.

I will tell you the story he told us in a different entry.

After that we did various events. Then my class did our show. And at the very end of the day every school attending the One World Day had a parade.

I had tons of fun!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day!

Hi everyone out there again,

Today it's Father's Day and we went to church. When I went to church I went into Sunday School and at Sunday School we were creating some new animals that will help the earth. I came up with two, I named them The Helping Hand and The Medicine Helper. The Helping hand is a gigantic bird like an eagle, it has lilac and light pink fur and it picks up litter when you drop it on the ground. And The Medicine Helper is an insect like a mosquito but instead of sucking your blood, it injects you with medicine and when it does it doesn't hurt one bit.

When we got home we had a lovely cooked breakfast. Then my dad opened his Father's Day cards and presents. He loved them!!

Bye for now.

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