Friday, 8 February 2013

Wreck It Ralph

Hi everyone,

Did you know that the film Wreck-it Ralph comes out in cinemas TODAY! I'm so excited, but I don't think I can see it in the cinema, so I'll just wait till it is on DVD, so I can rent it from Blockbusters. When it is out in Blockbusters Me, Daddy and Mummy could watch it together, but my big brother, Myles, would probably be in his room on his Xbox again, Just like any teenage brother.

As you would know from the 'ABOUT ME' section of my blog that I'm the youngest in my family, I'm 10. I've always wanted a little brother or sister, but in 2006 when my 6 year old niece was born it was like I had a little sister like I've always wanted. Then in 2010 my other niece was born. She's 2 now and I can tell you that she is definitely going through her terrible twos. When I look after her sometimes she is tiring. I have to keep my eyes on her all the time, I take my eyes off her for one second and she has got herself into trouble again. When I'm looking after her I feel like 40. But my 6 year old niece is a little angel, really. I'm serous, you could be sitting around with her and you'll be like 'Where is she' she's just so quiet.

But it does have its ups and downs like when Mummy picks us both up from school and she has to go shopping and she drags us into the shop with her, sometime in the shop if there is a person in front of her and because she is so quiet you wouldn't even know where she was. Instead of me writing you a short entry, I'm writing you a book so I'm going to go now so...

Bye for now.



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