Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'm Back

Yesterday I came back from my holiday in Barbados. I stayed for a week, I loved being there, Barbados is beautiful. I definitely recommend anyone who is reading this to try and go there. Me, Mummy, Daddy and my brother stayed with family who lived there. Their place is huge! I thought I would get lost just trying to find my way to the bathroom. We went to lots of different places in Barbados, they were mostly on the beach. It was 8 hours 30 minutes plane ride on the way there and 8 hours 5 minutes coming back. It was my first time on a plane I was excited and scared at the same time but once I was up in the air I was fine. I'm going into secondary school in September and I would probably have to write an essay about what I did in the summer holiday so now I have lots of things to write about. My favourite part of the holiday was jet skiing, I was really scared but I gave it a go and I loved it, my brother went by himself and when he came back he said he saw loads of flying fish, I didn't see any when i went with my daddy. But I got to see a firefly up close, It was soooooooooooooo COOL! Like a green-grey bug with an LED light for a body :).

Bye for now xox

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hi everyone,

It's me again anyway I love looking at cute animals, they just make me melt inside. You know I have a cousin that has the cutest dog ever, my nan has the same one. :D

Yep, they look like that. So cute right, it makes me want one. Got to go, see you next time.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Wreck It Ralph

Hi everyone,

Did you know that the film Wreck-it Ralph comes out in cinemas TODAY! I'm so excited, but I don't think I can see it in the cinema, so I'll just wait till it is on DVD, so I can rent it from Blockbusters. When it is out in Blockbusters Me, Daddy and Mummy could watch it together, but my big brother, Myles, would probably be in his room on his Xbox again, Just like any teenage brother.

As you would know from the 'ABOUT ME' section of my blog that I'm the youngest in my family, I'm 10. I've always wanted a little brother or sister, but in 2006 when my 6 year old niece was born it was like I had a little sister like I've always wanted. Then in 2010 my other niece was born. She's 2 now and I can tell you that she is definitely going through her terrible twos. When I look after her sometimes she is tiring. I have to keep my eyes on her all the time, I take my eyes off her for one second and she has got herself into trouble again. When I'm looking after her I feel like 40. But my 6 year old niece is a little angel, really. I'm serous, you could be sitting around with her and you'll be like 'Where is she' she's just so quiet.

But it does have its ups and downs like when Mummy picks us both up from school and she has to go shopping and she drags us into the shop with her, sometime in the shop if there is a person in front of her and because she is so quiet you wouldn't even know where she was. Instead of me writing you a short entry, I'm writing you a book so I'm going to go now so...

Bye for now.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tonsillitis Again

Hi everyone,

I've been really upset lately because I've been stuck inside for the past few days with tonsillitis AGAIN! It hasn't been that bad. For Christmas last year I got a knitting kit and I love it, so I've been knitting a lot of scarfs for friends and family. While I'm on the topic of Christmas, last year I got the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel. I've read it all, I thought it is hilarious and I couldn't stop reading it. IT'S THE BEST!

Anyway bye for now.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Some Bad Days!

Hi everybody,

I'm not feeling too good for the last 10 days because I have tonsillitis, so my throat is feeling really sore. I really don't like feeling this way, who would? Sometimes I feel so bad I have no energy and not want to get out of bed but sometimes I do anyway. Well that was all I wanted to talk to you about. Bye-bye for now :(

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Headteacher's award

Hi guys,

In my last entry I said that I got a headteacher's award, but what I didn't tell you guys why I got the award. You guys know that I have been very ill right. So my award is that I try to come to school every day despite how ill I've been. Well that is pretty much all I wanted to tell you. Bye for now.

P.S. A big shout out to my cousins they are awsome!

Friday, 4 May 2012

I'm done!

Hi everybody,

I have been doing good. How about you guys? Guess what I'm done with MY TREATMENT! How great is that! I had a great Easter party to celebrate that I'm not on treatment anymore. Also at school today I got a headteacher's award. We also learnt some French. Bonjor, aaaahhhh. Well that's it for now. Bye bye.

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